MOVE Moderation – The most effective method for workshops with many participants

Moderation, conferences and workshops using Stafford Beer´s method of „Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity“

Conferences and workshops for business development

Strategy workshop and development

Conduct a successful strategy discussion within your management team

Turnover and growth increase

Develop action plans for more growth

Marketing & Sales

Improve customer orientation, communication and sales process

Cost reduction & increase in productivity

Develop action plans for cost reduction

Conferences and workshops for change management

Re-organization & process optimization

Develop concepts for a more effective and efficient organization

Interface improvement

Optimize the cooperation between departments and divisions successfully

Start and implementation of large projects

Ensure that projects across departments will start and be implemented successfully

Change management & knowledge exchange

Create team motivation and commitment for changes

About us

MOVE Moderation supports companies and organizations with the organization and moderation of strategy, management and project conferences and workshops.

When a larger group of people needs to develop a convincing solution and a powerful implementation plan for a challenge or a problem, one thing is mandatory: An effective and powerful working and moderation method to work with that group.

With MOVE, we offer such a working method for conferences, meetings and workshops with many participants.
In challenging projects and discussions, MOVE is the fastest and most effective way to transform a large group of people into committed and convinced actors with an intelligent action plan.

The team behind MOVE consists of a group of experienced senior consultants with extensive experience as a moderator.

The MOVE-leadership team:

buxel1Prof. Dr. Holger Buxel –

MOVE-developer, moderator, top management consultant and coach (since 1998), professor of marketing (since 2005)

buckler001Dr. Frank Buckler –

MOVE-developer, management consultant (since 1999), eight years management line experience in a global company, moderator, author and speaker

weber001 Dr. Rene Weber –

Head of the US office, management consultant (since 2000), professor of communication science (USA)

About MOVE

MOVE: Achieving convincing results in challenging projects faster and at less costs

If a company has to work out a new strategy, a reorganization concept, a cost reduction plan for a business or a sales increase program, often many employees or departments have to be integrated and to find a good solution together. Unfortunately, such projects with many participants often end up in endless meetings, few results and even less implementation commitment.

MOVE is an intelligent working and moderation method for conferences and workshops that allows you to work out convincing solutions in projects with many participants very efficiently, fast and target-oriented. Compared to classic moderation and project management approaches, MOVE saves significantly costs and time and even creates a higher motivation amongst all participants. MOVE is based on Prof. Stafford Beer´s kybernetic approach from his classic „Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity“.

Whether it is a strategy workshop, change management, a concept development task with many participants or a roll-out-planning for a project across departments – in challenging projects, MOVE is the fastest and most effective way to transform a large group of people into committed and convinced actors with an intelligent action plan.

How it works

The basis of MOVE is a special, information-flow-optimized multistage power communication process which is based on Prof. Stafford Beer´s kybernetic approach from his classic book „Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity“. A group of people is put into the special process for 2 or 3 days to systematically work on a company challenge or a problem that has been clearly defined in advance. Within the process, the main challenges and measures for the solution to the problem are identified by the team as a whole and transferred into meaningful and implementable action plans.

The work process itself consists of a cascade of several precisely planned and moderated power workshops dealing with aspects of the initial company challenge or problem. These moderated sessions are precisely planned and limited in time and based on target-oriented rules of communication.

Within the process, the entire know-how and problem-solving competence of all participants is systematically collected, combined and mutually inspired. This is reached through an intelligently organized exchange process of  participants and topics.

In this way, best possible, comprehensive and consensus-based solutions arise, which are of astonishing acceptance and implementation efficiency. Simultaneously, MOVE enables an immediate cross-departmental consensus for the solution and creates a strong will for change and implementation in the team.

The power communication process is based on the latest knowledge regarding stable communication structures in nature and has already been applied very successfully in the US and Europe in numerous projects.

MOVE is a real alternative to classic moderation and conference approaches such as Open Space, World Café or RTSC-Conference. MOVE focuses consequently on creating tangible and implementable results instead of having “coffee rounds” without any results.

MOVE allows involving 12 to 42 people simultaneously and effectively in a solution creating process at projects, workshops and conferences.

Case studies

MOVE has already proven its convincing power in numerous projects. Moreover, MOVE has become an innovative moderation method for workshops, change management as well as project, management and strategy conferences.

Here you will find some typical application examples:

Strategy development for a global company

An industrial company group requires a new growth strategy for its European business. Thanks to MOVE, a 22-head team of managers and experts of the European business group identifies the strategically important core projects and works out concrete action plans within only 2,5 days. The strategic evolution and growth start successfully.

Increase in profits in industry

An industrial company in crisis is threatened by massive losses. A turnaround plan is quickly required for the current business year. With MOVE, an 18-head team of managers and experts defines an effective program for increasing profits within only 2,5 days, which is implemented immediately with high motivation. Thanks to MOVE, the company returns to the profit zone within only a few months.

Sales optimization to increase turnover and profits

A company is several millions behind its turnover and contribution margin targets. With MOVE, a work group made up of 14 experts from sales, marketing and productions works out a powerful COMEX re-diagnostics concept in only two days. The turnover and contribution margin gaps can be closed successfully in the following months.

Increase in production efficiency

A company in the packaging industry has to lower production costs in the plant due to a difficult margin situation. With MOVE, a work group of operations and sales specialists works out an action plan for the most urgent measures to increase production efficiency in only four work meetings. In the implementation phase, the production costs can be lowered significantly.

Increase of work place attractiveness

A company in the health industry requires a concept to increase work place attractiveness and employee satisfaction. With MOVE, a team of 20 members develops a comprehensive package of measures to improve the situation within 2,5 days. After only a few weeks, the spirit in the company improves noticeably and the satisfaction of the employees and working efficiency increases.

Roll-out-strategy for a new target process

A leading European outsourcing service provider has designed a new target process for the preparation and implementation of his services. The process itself has gained a broad general acceptance. However, there are different opinions how to implement the process into daily business. An interdisciplinary management team of 15 department managers works out a holistic roll-out-plan for a successful implementation with MOVE within 2,5 days.

Reorganization of group organization for marketing & sales

A large regional utility company has different business units such as energy, water and telecommunications, which all serve the same customers, but independently from each other. The 30 project team members – managers of different business units – meet for 2,5 days to develop a concept and a road-map for an integrated customer communication approach.

Think tank for a union

A union of the healthcare sector has to determine its strategic core objectives and core projects for the following years. The working group of 21 participants consists of selected board members, which are honorary active in different regions, as well as of members of the union´s head office. With MOVE, the strategically important cornerstones get defined and transferred into an action plan within just 2,5 days.

Participants about MOVE:

This is what participants say about MOVE Moderation:

„An excellent approach to handle complex issues whenever many persons are involved.”

„In the past few years, I have taken part in many workshops and project meetings, but never one as productive and sustainable in implementation as MOVE.“
Operations manager

“Greif applied MOVE for a business unit that was going to make losses. Within one year we turned that business around – simply initiated by a two-day event. Since then we use MOVE with success in more and more applications.”
BU manager

„The working principles of synergetic integration and Beer´s Team Syntegrity are great. I never thought that we would produce so many creative and good results so quickly in such a large group thanks to MOVE Moderation.“
Human resources manager

„A great method, very effective and efficient.”
Group division president





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